Hi I am Beatur. Welcome to my site.

I’m an Entertainer and a DJ.

The current Icelandic champion in beatboxing. And for the last 7 years I have used a loopstation to fuse together music and humor.

As a Dj I have played at many venues. The poshest party’s and the roughest raves. I have been a professional Dj for 5 years.

And here is a list of some cool things I have done:


In Iceland:

On TV:

Co-Hosted the Icelandic music awards

Hosted the national high school singing contest

Had my debut as a singer in the Eurovision song contest

Played with Bjork in a tv show about icelandic singers.

Been on various shows on all the tv channels.

I have played at Iceland Airwaves and other festivals.

Entertained most of the big company’s, the president and all them peeps.


In Norway:

On TV:

Been on Beat for Beat, 4 Stjernes middag and Sent med Simen Sund with my band 3 voices & Beatur

Also entertained the giant company’s of Norway

Played at the Opera twice. (First guy to beatbox there) With Nordic Black theater. First time was a show about Bob Marley and Peter Tosh.

Second time, my band and I wrote a script about Motown and made an awesome show with music and storytelling.

I have also played in Swiss, Finland, Italy, Denmark, Sweden And competed twice in the World Championship in Beatboxing in Berlin.